Saturday, September 27, 2008

1 club, $5, 60 balls

and the smile on his face - PRICELESS

Yesterday upon arriving home from work I offered the boys a choice - help me do some housework or tick me off. The reward for helping would be to do something fun today. R chose door #1 and was a mighty big help getting some housework done, including the vacuuming the dreaded staircase. T chose door #2, didn't help, succeeded royally in ticking me off and so stayed home when we went out.

The prize - a bucket of balls at the driving range. We have been telling the boys forever that we would go there and today it was just the right day. R had a blast, 60 balls for him was just right. That boy has one wicked swing and can drive that ball quite a way. He so enjoys things like this and the plus for me was that it was only $5!! A heck of alot cheaper than saying 'hey let's go to Walmart'

So with the downstairs of our palace clean I can with a clear mind go play in hope to add some new artwork here soon. It seems way to barron (is that one r or 2?) here so I better get moving and fill it up.


Kathi Carlson said...

Considering the approximate ages of your sons, I could have predicted which doors which would choose. Been there. . . As for the outing, swingin' at those little white balls is a good thing. Glad you a had a fun day.

RAE said...

What fun and cheap too! It's hard to find stuff to do on $5.00.