Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bags, tags & more

I worked on some projects for my Bags, Tags & more workshop tonight. It was fun to get those inks out and play. I wish I had a bigger variety of Christmas stamps tho'..... I sold off all my good ones last year! LOL Just a few things .....
The bag is a BAGALOPE using a kraft 7 x 10 kraft envelope. I was hesitant about the color but when put altogether it is very similar to Goldrush or Golden Ember. The second card is a gift card holder - very easy to do.
A couple of 3 x 3 gift cards or tags...simple and fun to make. We'll do two of each thing... hope everyone likes it!
Editorial Note: Upon flipping between this and my last post I realized the colors are VERY SIMILAR! LOL They aren't meant to be - just poor photo quality on the cards I

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