Sunday, October 12, 2008

flowers & shoes

When one has to attend a funeral, no matter how predicted it may be, one should make sure they have all the appropriate attire for such an occasion. Being one to constantly donate things I haven't worn for a while, I was ignorant to the fact that I had not one pair of black dress shoes in my closet! Wait back that wagon up? The gal who for years had to have a shoe organizer to keep everything straight, didn't have a pair of black dress shoes?

Part of this past week was spent preparing for my mother in laws funeral, making sure that the boys had shoes that fit, clothes that fit and were clean.... making sure hubby's new suit was wrinkle free and his 'special' tie was laid out. Then there was the rush around shopping for a pair of shoes for myself! Why is it when you 'have' to have something specific you can't find it? I searched high and low and finally retreated to our Sears store.... low and behold they had several pairs of 'low heel' shoes to try and wouldn't you know a sale to boot (excuse the

I found this (left) pair for $11.99 - yes you read that correctly. I was so impressed that I kept looking and found another pair - not so inexpensive but certainly cute. I had to have both! LOL So now I am up two pairs of black dress shoes - and hopefully won't have to attend another funeral for a LONG TIME.
There were several beautiful bouquets of flowers sent to my Father in Law and he sent one of them home with us last night. I love the Gerbera daisies and Snap Dragons (they are snap dragons aren't
It's be a very long week..... full of tears, stories and sharing with our family. We had a delightful BBQ at my Father in Laws yesterday as is one of their favorite Thankgiving traditions. It was nice to visit with everyone and we will miss them as they all head home to carry on 'normal' routines. We all pray that 'dad' will find a new routine soon....he will surely be lonely, but we pray his faith and that of mom's will carry him through this rough patch.
We are headed to our trailer today to start a new Thanksgiving tradition - a weiny roast and marshmallows over an open fire! Why not - we are thankful for our 'getaway place' and what better way to celebrate our thankfulness than to enjoy God's wondrous outdoors!
and for my American friends - yes we do it in October! LOL

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Kathi Carlson said...

I've been thinking about you all week. Your preparations - clothes for all - sounded so typical. After it all, I'm glad you were able to enjoy a Thanksgiving tradition and start a new one! Take care.