Friday, October 24, 2008

Have I mentioned

I LOVE THE FALL! This is my favorite season. I was able to stop and get some photos on my way home yesterday. There is a tree across the street that I keep my eye on, it seems it has taken forever to start turning this fall - but now is awesomely gorgeous with the yellow and orange leaves, just about ready to fall! I always hope that it doesn`t rain before I can get a good shot of it - so far so good.... I hope your autumn is turning out as beautiful as mine! God in all his wisdom really thought out autumn, giving us one last BLAST of color to hang on to before the winter cold (and rain in my neck of the world) settles in for the next few months.


Erica said...

lovely's the most beautifull time of year isn't it!

RAE said...

I've been out getting some photos of the trees too...I love this time of year!