Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today it's four long years since my dad passed away. It's been a long month as well, with the passing of my mother in law and finding out about a former co-worker who has cervical cancer..... and well just life. However I love going through the photo albums and recapturing those moments I cherish so much. This layout is one of my dad's 65th birthday. He was ALWAYS so happy to go out to eat and one of his favorite places was a chinese buffet (could that have contributed to his heart problems.....I think Mom brought a homemade cake for dessert to the restaurant and we celebrated in Dad's style. Dad loved to be with his family - he was a quiet man, not too much to say - Mom always did the He loved his grandsons beyond measure and there wasn't anything better to him than being with them.
I miss him alot (MORE than alot) but remembering the moments that made HIM SMILE help to ease the missing him part. This is really why I scrapbook - to freeze these moments in time, so we can revisit them later..... the paper, embellishments and whatnots are really just frills for esthetic pleasure at the moment. It doesn't matter how many of those embellishments we add to the page - it is the pictures and the stories that matter most!

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RAE said...

That's what scrapping is all about, showcasing those moments and memories that we'll cherish in yrs to come