Thursday, November 20, 2008

one of dem dar days

Ever had one of those days when you wonder how on earth you could be good to anyone? Today was one of those days. It just makes me want to crawl into bed, hide my head under the covers and pray for mercy! However being the stoic (my mom once called me gal that I am, I am not going to tuck my tail between my legs, runaway and hide - nope this gal is going to post some pretty cards to make her feel much much better. I had a chance to play last night. It's been a long while since I played for the shear pleasure of creating with nothing business related in mind!
This first card was inspired by a conversation with my friend, Denise who said she liked pink and black combo's for Valentines cards. Sadly she doesn't love me enough to create a google email so she can post to this and tell me how talented, wise, funny and kind I Maybe someday her level of admiration for me will warrant the time to create that email...perhaps even create a blog of her own instead of being a silent stalker! LOL
This card uses the December SOTM from CTMH, named HEARTTHROB! I am not sure I am in love with the 'swirly-ness' of it but the cards turned out cute anyway. Usually when I have a chance or two to fiddle with something I get inspired, the magic will happen!

Colors on Left: Hollyhock, Bamboo and Black
Stamps: Argyle Backgrounds, Say It With Style & Heartthrob
Colors on Right: Sweetleaf, Crystal Blue
Stamps: Heartthrob
Other: Window Charm, Ribbon, Liquid Glass, Glitter

This next card just sets my heart a twitter... I am so pleased with the result. I used an idea from the Originals Book by CTMH to create this Thank you Card. I think it is so femine and pretty.

Colors: Hollyhock, Olive, Chocolate, Bamboo
Stamps: Consultant Set (Huge Thanks), TAKE FLIGHT
Other: Window Charm, Ribbon

I like to share and this has made me feel so much better about my lousy day! I hope you find pleasure in my creations as well.
Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. I 'fixed' my Pink Snowlady card a few posts down - check out the difference a few pop dots can make!

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RAE said...

I can't wait to get the December sotm...its so pretty! Love your cards, especially the last one with the bird.