Friday, November 28, 2008

Ready, Set, Oh no it's that Season Again

You know the season! The one when people dress up in fake white beards, fatten themselves with pillows and don red outfits with black accessories! The one that sneaks up on me every year - like I had no idea it was coming again! Yes CHRISTMAS!

I have been prepping for my ADVENT CALENDAR Workshop tomorrow and believe it or not managed to get one of my samples for a January workshop FINISHED! I feel like a pregnant woman in the final throws of pregnancy. You know when the 'nesting' sets in! Well the creativity has set in again and I can't seem to get enough time 'in my corner'... (sorry Kathi - I have a corner too! LOL)

Here we have the fruits of my labour! I had a few 'miscellaneous' photos laying around forever. Most of them my mom gives me - usually after I have scrapped the event and have no where for the photo to go. This mini-book/giant Valentine was the perfect way to showcase these great memories and not lose the photos to piles of paper and paraphenalia. So here goes...there are lots of pictures. I used the NOTEBOOK paper from CTMH (love this kit) and the Stickease that matched with the odd 'other' embellishment. I will do the journalling another time. I hope you like it....

And if you look really hard you will see a sneek peek of the AWESOME HEART OF WINTER stamp set -

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Jeanne said...

What a "love"ly project! You are on the ball!

Kathi Carlson said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

RAE said...

It looks beautiful! Can you send me over some of your mojo? I need to get cracking on some xmas stuff but keep procrastinating!