Friday, January 9, 2009

.... and a card to match

While the gift was done, all that remained was the right greeting card to accompany it. Here you have it! I have been itching to do one of these 'dress' cards for a while now and this was the perfect project to try it. Colors are Cranberry, Crystal Blue, Sunny Yellow and Olive (I think I embossed a border in Olive to simulate smocking.... I think it turned out quite cute.


Kathi Carlson said...

I do quantity. You do quality!! My mouth is agape. This card rocks!!! I love it and so will the lucky recipient. I want YOUR mojo!! Have a good weekend, friend!

p-inks said...

Thank you my friend but I believe you do QUALITY as well, otherwise I wouldn't stalk your blog - because I know where the great ideas are! LOL
Have a good weekend too Kathi.... I have a workshop tomorrow - Valentines cards. Happy that mine are made! HA HA

Jeanne said...

Absolutely, positively, flippin' adorable! This is one fantastic card. The recipient better love it! LOL

Great work!