Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Baby! - Let's Get Together!

A dear highschool friend of mine has the distinction of being Grandma to the New Years Baby for 2009. A darlin' little gal, named Lillian. Her aunties and Grandma are hosting a shower next weekend so I decided to whip up something special.
This is a 9x9 accordian album is housed in the Memory box by CTMH. I love this box. It was so much fun to decorate and relatively quick too. I used the "Let's Get Together" paper package from a few catalogues ago (maybe way back to 2007). I think it turned out sweet and not your typical PINK as was my first inclination. Lots of pics to get all the There is little to no stamping on this project which was a fun alternative, although I did manage to get inky fingers just from inking the edges of the album and box. On the backside pages I had intended on adding more pictures, however my printer wasn't co-operating with the plan! So I created a simple card holder - perhaps to house some special cards.

This is a great box not only to hold the album but also some special memory items as well. I hope they like it!

This particular friend was the gal who I also blame profusely for my ongoing addiction to scrapbooking. Three weeks after my oldest son was born she invited me to a 'fun scrapbooking party' (read Creative Memories party). I almost didn't attend, but she convinced me this was 'different'. A long story short - here I am 13 years later still papercrafting up a storm!


Jeanne said...

What an awesome project for a sweet new baby. Your friend is going to be so touched!

Go YOU on papercrafting for such a long time! You do such a great job with it!

RAE said...

What a wonderful thing to put together for your friend!

Erica said...

just adorable...and LOVE the name of their baby!

Kathi Carlson said...

This is gorgeous and the BEST gift! Sweet baby, too!