Friday, February 6, 2009

Cream 'o Wheat Double Take

I have your attention now don't I? It's been a while since I added some artwork and I am on a scrapping binge. Well maybe not a binge really, but I am itching to use the supplies that I have horded/savored for way too long!

I did this layout for a gathering last week - sweet and simple with a few added embellishments. It's always nice to get people excited about actually stamping *in* their scrapbooks, instead of just cards. Now you'll have to excuse the side by side one page layout. I wasn't having too much success 'stitching' this together.

The paper I used is from the EMPORIUM LEVEL 2 pkg. I adore this paper. The colors are devine, the paper patterns are just out of this world and the best part (okay there are MANY best parts with Close To My Heart is that I used the same paper package for this layout.

Now you are probably wondering where the Cream 'o Wheat reference fits in. Well as a child sometimes my mom would make us Cream 'o Wheat as a supper meal. Once in a while I LOVE to have a bowl, topped *liberally* with brown sugar (no milk - bleck) It brings back memories of sitting with my brother and sister at the table while mom did her 'mom thing' in the background. Each of us liked the C.O.W served differently, mine as described above, my sister with milk only and brother mine, the full meal deal with brown sugar and milk. My how I yearn occasionally for the carefree days of youth, and C.O.W for supper - so tonight I at least had the Cream 'o Wheat!

What's your childhood comfort food?
Edit: I forgot to mention that if you look very closely you will see that these are the same layout that I used from the Imagine Book by - Close To My Heart, none I really like using the 'how to' books by CTMH because you can adapt any of the layouts to your own personal use and as seen, use the same one over and over and they don't even look the same.


Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful pages! I love that paper, too! Comfort food? Tuna casserole!

Erica said...

lovely work!!i love cream of wheat too...and meat loaf!