Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're out and we're IN

Moving day is done! Finito! All that's left is the crying when the first mortgage payment comes out! LOL Hubby and I had an emotion moment today when we locked up the *old* place for the last time. 15 years ago almost to the day we moved in there and were so excited to own our first home. The kids are so excited - the younger one mostly because there are kids playing street hockey outside and the older one because he has a room dedicated to his passion - gaming! Hubby is itching to get all the boxes OUT of his garage and me? Well suffice to say I am *BONE TIRED*. Between preparing to sell, packing, Regional convention in Calgary last weekend and then moving the day after I returned - I need a LONG nap! There will be plenty of time to sort it all out! In the meantime, stay tuned...... and thanks for poppin' in!


Jeanne said...

Congratulations! What a sense of accomplishment and relief you must addition to that bone-tiredness. Will you be showing off your new home?

Kathi Carlson said...

I join Jeanne in saying Congratulations! Moving is no fun, and I completely understand the emotional moment. That first house holds a lot of memories. Get that nap!!!

Sonja said...

Glad to hear that you are in! Even though there is still a lot of work ahead, the pace can slow down. We just moved too, so I know. One of the hardests parts was exercizing patience to set up "the new room".
Hope you will have plenty of happy moments in the new home.

mE said...


Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see layouts of your new home :) *grin*

Hope you love it and have fun setting up your space!!! (I can hook ya up with ink storage when you're ready!!)

Inky Smiles!