Friday, May 15, 2009

Tummy Rumbles.....

There is nothing that beats a good tummy rumble (and I don't mean 'gas' as standing in a card shop reading all the funny cards! I know I know - WHAT on earth was I doing stepping foot in a *CARD* store for when I am more than capable of using the multitudes of product that is currently still packed in boxes? Well my boy is turning 14 tomorrow and I need a CARD NOW! Did I mention those boxes are still packed?
I must have spent about half an hour in the aisle just chuckling to myself. I enjoyed it so much I went against my promise to not purchase over priced cards, and picked up a couple that I know will entertain the recievers as much as I was entertained today. I think I may make this a regular visit. Checking out the ideas and sayings in cards sure gets the blood bubbling to create! I can't wait for G to get home to work on my scrap workshop! oooooo the possibilities.
So in the meantime while I am in anticipation mode I hope you are creating to your hearts content.
Tonight, while the birthday boy entertains his buddies for a sleepover/gaming night, I am going to hunker down into the couch and watch the final episode of Prison Break. I absolutely LOVE this show and am sad to see it end, yet on the other hand it's like a good novel - closure is inevitable and this promises to be a good one. Chow amigo's

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Kathi Carlson said...

I rather enjoy a little time in the card store once in a while myself. There are lots of ideas there, and many of the funny cards are really funny. I hope your son has a great birthday. Enjoy your evening on the couch! Good to hear from you!