Sunday, May 24, 2009

WHHHHHEEEEE...... basic, better, best!

I have the BEST - hubby that is. This weekend on his days off he set to work on my workshop area. I really need to get up and running again with my business, having been concentrating on unpacking and making this new house a home. I am SO DELIGHTED with my work area. Close to My Heart has a program called Workshops on the Go. The premise is that you can choose between a basic kit, a better kit - which includes a few more items than the basic, and finally the best kit which gives you all the extra embellishments etc. Hubby jokingly said a while back that I was going to get the Starter Kit of workshops - some planks with cinder blocks for shelving, and a piece of plywood on blocks for a table. That would have been the basic kit - lol. Well I got the BETTER this weekend...... here are a few pics to show the developement so far. The best kit will include paint on the walls and some flooring. Those things will come at a later date - for now this scrapbooker is on cloud 9! Hubby did a great job and I am so thankful for him and his handiwork!
Just as we finished for the day today, my buddy Denise called - how appropriate that she be the first one I chat with on the phone when the room was coming together. I can't wait to begin unpacking all my boxes of paper, stamps and embellishments, including a few things that have been packed up for way too long in an effort to 'dejunk' the old place. This is a *Happy Pammie*
ON a business note - I have my MYCTMH website up and going again as well. There have been some upgrades and new programs added - be sure to check it out when you have a chance pammie's place There is going to be something REALLY fun in store for June! Stay tuned :)


Jeanne said...

How very exciting for you! You look so happy and I can just imagine the giddy feeling you must have.

Congrats to you and I look forward to seeing the artwork that comes from this great space.

Kathi Carlson said...

I am SO happy for you ... and just a tad jealous! LOL. Seriously, you have an awesome start, and every improvement that's made hereafter will be one that you'll appreciate. Like Jeanne, I look forward to seeing what this wonderful space inspires you to create!!

RAE said...

You must be going crazy, waiting for it all to come together! You're going to love having a scrap room.

Samantha said...

YAY! I can not wait to see all that you create in this new space, I know whatever you do will be great! Congrats on such a great roomy space, It looks great so far.

Nancy Ball said...

Heh Pammiewhammie, check out my blog today for a little something special for you, from me!

Do you remember those songs I used to write with your name.....?