Sunday, June 7, 2009

this is the mishmash post

Hello Folks
I hope this finds you all well and creating up a storm. My new workshop area is organized to the point I can sit down to scrap and make cards, along with other great projects so I have a few things to share with you tonight. I still haven't got a great shot of my layout using the FLIPFLAPS but I will get to it soon. In the meantime please ignore the glare on this layout that I started at Regionals in Calgary at the end of April. The layout was a perfect choice for hubby's 4 x 4 pictures and this is where the flip flaps came in super handy.

I put up a huge cork board to display all my newest layouts and cards. It is beginning to fill up quickly, but is not conducive to getting great pictures. Bare with me as I figure it all out.

The card on the left was one I just finished off that was done at Regionals. The artwork portion of the conventions moves REALLY quickly so sometimes it just as easy to put something aside and finish it off at home than try to rush and come out with an inferior product. (that means I like to add chalk! LOL)

I have a Fathers Day Card I am itching to share with you but will save that for a post tomorrow. It will be my first Clubs project on Tuesday! Whoo hooo

I do however have a little *God Story* for you.
Last weekend my older son was off with friends at our local waterslide and younger son convinced me that it would be nice to go for a walk around a small man made lake near here. I thought why not, however he wanted to make a pitstop at home first. We arrived home and he ran inside to grab his remote control speed boat that he bought with his 'very own money'. Off we go to the park and he runs ahead to plop the speed boat in the water. It zoomed out quickly to the lake and I smiled at the thought that this was something so perfect to while away an hour with my son. By the time I had reached the waters edge, trouble had set in and the boat was stuck in sea weed for lack of a better term. There was so much algae in this lake and weeds that this boats motor couldn't get itself out of the muck it was mired in. All of a sudden the smiles were replaced with frowns and the wetting of eyes! Son was getting agitated and I needed to think of a plan that was going to save this little boat. We started tossing pebbles in past the boat in hopes that the ripples with push it back to shore. (have I mentioned this is a duck sanctuary and there is duck poop everywhere so we can't even go into the water...ewwww) The pebbles weren't working and eventually I convinced son that maybe the boat would drift over to the other side. We started to walk around and as we came around the corner I started to pray -

"Dear Lord,
I know you are busy with so many more big important things, but if you could find the time and inclination to rescue this little boat for my boy, that would be awesome. Thank you, Amen"

We waited for a while and eventually started walking back, son becoming resigned to the fact his boat was gone. He was very forlorn as we walked back. I tried to lighten him up by telling him he had just given the ducks a new friend..... didn't go over big! LOL

As we walked along a couple who had apparently been watching our little escapade, began to speak to us. They said if the boat came ashore while they were there they would hide it under the slide. I promised son that right after church the next day we would come to the park to see if it had been rescued. Son was firmly convinced that those people were going to rescue his boat. Again I lifted a quick prayer, resigning myself to the inevitable loss and more tears the following day.

Church was great last Sunday - learning more about the Lord and his amazing being is awesome. I had forgotten about the boat at this point, however son reminded me on the way home of my promise to go back. Off we went, son with hopes held high and mom trying to be optimistic but knowing that there was an unlikely possibility that the boat would be there. Son ran to the slides with the gusto of a child on a mission - no boat. His eyes began to tear up and I knew I was in for a sad little boy.

We decided to take a walk around this lake just in case the boat had washed ashore during the night. All the while I am telling son that sometimes things like this happen and not to get his hopes to high.

As we rounded the curve to the spot we'd walked to previously - what do you think was sitting there tucked under a tree - not too far from the path.

Yes the little speed boat, non the worse for ware, as the result of an evening out in the elements. The first words out of my mouth were 'PRAISE GOD - he is good' and I immediately thanked him for taking hte time to rescue a little boy's toy.

It may not be the cure for cancer, it may not be some high powered expensive boat rescued from pirates (yup they still have pirates) - but to one boy, God took the time (with the help of strangers I would assume....) to establish just a little more faith in us! That evening when we did prayers the thing son thanked the Lord for was ------- you got it, rescuing his boat! PRAISE GOD!

Thanks for stopping in - I'll have more artwork soon.
This photo is taken the evening the boat went astray, at the park.


Jeanne said...

What an inspiring and uplifting story. Thank you SO much for sharing it.

Kathi Carlson said...

Your projects are great. Your story was better. Thanks for sharing!!

RAE said...

I'm so glad he got his boat back!