Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lucy I'mmmmm Home.....

There is no Lucy living here but you get the drift! LOL I am back from Long Beach California for our CTMH Leadership Convention. What a blast and there is so much information rattling around in my head I don't know where to start.
I hope you enjoyed the August SOTM BLOG HOP over at Pammie's Place - over 60 consultants participated and there are certainly some awesome ideas. Go grab a coffee and head on over to begin hopping to great ideas.

I want to share some photos from my trip. I made it a personal mission to get pictures with some gals that inspire me! These people are creative, business minded and just plain ol' fun to be around.

Denise Murray
one of my first downline and friends. We had fun shopping at Bungalow Bay which carried Denise's favorite jewelery line from Brighton. I snagged a great wallet and bracelet here to remind me of my trip - being one that is very particular about which wallet I used this was a big deal to me! LOL (hey we all have our quirks)

Judith Applegarth from Anchorage, Alaska and I hung out at LAX for three hours waiting for another gal to arrive from Illinois. Sadly Diana was very late arriving and we ended up leaving just as she was arriving, but it was great getting to know Judy a little bit. I hope her house is still in tact when she gets home!

While she doesn't post too much on our corporate artwork bb, when Christine David does, the artwork is well worth waiting for! Christine won the card contest at Leadership and it was well deserved!

Shannon Buck is such a hoot! It was a great pleasure to meet her finally after being facebook 'friends' for a while now. This is one funky lady!

Barbara Hillion is one vivacious woman. Once my 'arch nemesis', I have been fortunate enough to get to know Barb better these past months and she is an inspiration. Working together is much better than competing all the time. I look forward to getting to know Barb even better and hopefully seeing her in Washington, DC for CTMH annual convention next July!

This is one absolutely creative woman and I love checking out her blog daily for inspiration. Lisa Stenz has an awesome eye for color and I can't believe some of the amazing things she comes up with - oh to live inside her head for a day! Lisa's blog is great - take a moment (or two or three hundred minutes) to check it out sometime, it will be time well spent.

Terri Howard - Miz Hood is an amazing woman. She is gracious, generous, funny beyond belief and a treasure in a friend. I am so happy to have met Terri this trip. Having known her 'online' for several years now, it was so cool to get to not only meet her but spend time as a roomy too! Terri has been a consultant for almost ever and she knows that the changes announced at each event, while they may be stunning, are mostly for the better. Aside from business this is one creative woman who I am proud to call a *friend*, Love yah Miz Hood!

Disneyland Directors Dinner

Each year our CEO and Founder Jeanette Lynton treats the Directors in the company to a special dinner. This year was a special treat with a surprize trip to California Adventure Park and Disneyland. We were given a fastpass ticket for one of three rides. I chose to go on the Soaring over California and what a thrill it was. I SO enjoyed it and kept thinking how much my kids and hubby would enjoy it. Our dinner was at the GrapeVine Winery , and it was delicious. The company was exceptional and fun. Afterward we were given a Twilight Pass to Disneyland. The fireworks were starting as we headed over to shop and check everything out. There wasn't much time to stand in lines for rides but it was an adventure none the less! Being a Director with Close to My Heart definitely has it's perks!


Jeanne said...

Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound AND that you had such a fabulous time at your Leadership Convention. What a great idea to get photos of you with the inspirational women. I recognized most of the names and it was great seeing faces to go with the names.

Thanks for sharing Pammie!

RAE said...

Welcome back. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Judy said...

Pam...I was glad to have you there waiting with me at LAX. Your such a friendly CTMH sister. Keep in touch. - Judy