Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm trying to stay on top of things, therefore here I am again within a week to post a couple more cards. These are created using the new GRACE paper package and one of our wonderful new leaf stamps (sorry the name escapes me and the cattie is downstairs - from where I just Once I start playing with the new papers I begin to love them so you will see more of this kit soon!

On a personal level there isn't much new going on. I am looking forward to my co-worker, Judy, returning from two weeks holiday as well as the start of school, both happening on Tuesday. I have to say I am happy to get back to a normal schedule and not particularly looking forward to the Homework Wars! Hopefully the boys teachers will be especially inspiring this year and the boys will BEG to do homework - one can dream....
We had a visit with my brother, Trent, this afternoon. The visits are few and far between and I hope he heeds our warning that it best not be months before he pops by again. The boys love to see their Uncle and it's nice to sit and visit with my bro'. He has a quirky sense of humour so it's always a fun conversation.
Until next time - happy crafting!


Jeanne said...

Beautiful cards! I can see just why you love them so. Those leaves are lovely.

Homework wars, huh? I am thankful that, so far, my girls are happy with homework. In fact my new first grader is bummed because she hasn't gotten any homework yet! My 3rd grader sits down to do hers right after she gets home. I hope the enthusiasm lasts!

Thanks for sharing and hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful.

Kathi Carlson said...

Gorgeous!! Those stamps and papers are beautiful. Haven't ordered anything new yet with no time to do anything justice. After the wedding ... when life begins anew! LOL.

Clearly I remember homework wars with a couple of uncommunicative boys who, after a long day at school, would rather have been doing anything else. Ugh! Good luck, friend, and you never know, it might be different this year.

Glad to hear life is treating you well. TFS!!

Erica said...

wow....those cards are gorgeous! love them both!