Thursday, March 11, 2010

12 years - WOW

People always tell you when your kids are little to enjoy them because they grow up so fast. To be brutally honest when friends and family (and even strangers) would tell me that I thought they were crazy. I couldn't wait until my kids were independent enough to not need me at every breath and turn of the day. MY MY MY but was I wrong!

My "BABY" turned 12 yesterday and what wouldn't I give for him to be small enough to cuddle on my lap. Or to come snuggle in bed with me in the morning, or want me to read him a book (truck and machine books were this childs muse) - I would give almost anything to have those days back now! LOL

When he was little he would make up the most ridiculous words for things, his socks always had *turtles* in them ( the little knots where the seam in the toe was - that one took me YEARS to figure and he sucked his thumb, he was my hugger (still is) and gives the most delicious hugs. He is my hearts desire! He is my boo boo bear, my little bear, ..... he is the love of my life - and now he is 12! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON - you make my life shine in ways I never thought possible and you will never truly know! Don't grow up too fast lovey!

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RAE said...

Better late than B-Day Riley!