Thursday, July 29, 2010

...and then there was the underwear

one day before convention I was visiting the ladies room and realized that my 'underwear' had the most fabulous color combination in it. I kept thinking to myself 'this would be fabulous in random stamped paper....' - so being the true papercrafter that I am I rushed to my workshop and created a delightful and fun random stamped card using the color combination and as close to the same 'pattern' as possible. If you're paying attention you can get inspiration from obviously anywhere! :)


Sheila Bennett said...

Very pretty card. The bright colors are very pretty and you did a great job creating the stamped background.

And, that is "loud" underwear. Certainly hope you weren't wearing white pants that day. :)

pammie said...

LOL Sheila - you wouldn't find a pair of white pants in my closet anyway. YES it's loud and inspirational!