Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ink Me Up!

I never in a million years would have thought I would ever consider having a tattoo. It's not that I am/was against them, I just didn't think I was that *type* - aside from the pain  In recent years hubby and I had talked about him getting a tattoo and finalizing the image that he wanted to get. It's a colossol step to permanently ink yourself with a tattoo (nothing like stamp ink which eventually washes off... :)) and not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure you get what you want - and have a tatto artist that can give it too you. There are no take-backs in this medium! In 2007 hubby finally had what he wanted tattooed on his arm and I was privvy to seeing him get it. Painful yes, lasting pain no. So this gave way to more thought on getting one myself, but what to get? It had to be meaningful and so I jam-packed it full of things that were significant to me! Now where to put it? I don't see the point of putting a tattoo *behind* you where you can't see it easily, I didn't want something that was *out there* and also wanted something that could be easily covered up if need be. Ah-hah! I finally had it all together, the image, the artist (a local guy named Craig Smith out of Scarecrow Ink) and the spot - can you guess where it is?

2009 I finally followed Gerald into the tattoo shop and in late June we both got tattoo's of images we wanted....he added a date to the tat he had in recognition of his Christian faith and his Mom (the dates are her birth and death) and I got my *Cross of Love*
I love the little beading I found at a local fabric shop, it adds a touch of zippity do dah to a page that is already full of color, zip and zing.....

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