Saturday, May 5, 2012

HAPPY National Scrapbooking Day

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Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook. Typical memorabilia include photographs, printed media, and artwork. Scrapbook albums are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling. Scrapbooking is a widely practiced pastime in the United States. (Let's Just say NORTH AMERICA) 

Some people attribute the increased interest in scrapbooking to a renewed passion for genealogy, while others say that it is an outlet for those interested in photography and graphic design.
For evidence of the early increases in interest of scrapbooking, consider the following facts:[citation needed]
  • Over 4 million women in the United States alone consider themselves to be scrapbookers.
  • Over 4% of all women in U.S. have done traditional scrapbooking. With millions of others who do various aspects of photo books but who are not scrapbookers.
  • Scrapbooking is one of the largest categories within craft and hobby industry and now considered to be the third most popular craft in the nation. From 1996 through 2004, sales of scrapbooking products increased across the United States. Then in 2005, annual sales flatten at $2.5 billion for the first time after many back to back years of double growth. From 2006 through 2010 traditional Scrapbooking sales have had a decline while digital forms of scrapbooking have grown. Traditional scrapbooking sales for 2010 have declined to about $1.6 billion in annual sales. During that same time frame the number of independent scrapbook stores declined from a high of 4,200 store fronts to its current level of about 1,200 independent scrapbook store fronts. The number of scrapbooking manufacturers also decline in that same period from a high of 800 to its current level of under 250.


    What this article doesn't include is the passion with which a scrapbooker or paper crafter approaches the 'pastime'. The long lasting and meaningful friendships that are made, the outlet for creativity, the love of family and friends. What this article doesn't include is the LOVE that goes into placing each embellishment, photo and sparkle. Scrapbooking has been equated to the quilting bee of the last century, where women (and men) come together sharing a common bond of love of family, history and the *need* to create a lasting legacy
    Where ever you are today, whatever you are doing, whether it be scrapbooking, hiking, working, or just lounging....remember that caring enough to document facets of life for your loved ones, will leave a lasting legacy of joy! 
    Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

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