Thursday, June 14, 2012

Celebrate 50 - #16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

#16 - Do you have one photo that absolutely cracks you up or you fell in love with. Nothing else really matches the 'atmosphere' you want to create with the layout? Why not just scrap one! Blow it up - make it BIG and use the 'rest' of the space to focus on journalling (and okay some embellishments 

#17 -  STUDIO J is scrapbooking too! - Never thought you would go 'digital' - check out this article by a scrapper extraordinaire HERE

#18 - Step out and try colors you wouldn't normally gravitate too. In this layout I wanted a subtle background to really focus on my photos which were darker. By using more muted tones I achieved my goal and tried a combination of colors I wouldn't have usually chosen.

#19 - Watercolor is something that has eluded me for ages. A simple technique of spritzing your inked up image BEFORE stamping it on glossy paper, really allows for the colors to 'flow' and gives that intentional watercolor look. 

#20 - It shouldn't be all serious people! Try something fun and out of the box (you'll notice those words a lot here lol) I had a fun photo of a fellow *first 16er* and wanted to create a fun card with it. By cutting out the face only and mounting it on a 'spring' Sarah will always have a bounce in her step/head! Unique cards are great. 

#21 - Be sure to clean and return your acrylic stamp images to their carrier sheet to maintain longevity. Using a quality cleaner (those with alcohol in them can dry out and damage your stamps) will keep your images sharp and ready to go for years and years to come. Occasionally (and I do mean in a BLUE MOON type of occasionally) clean them with a mild hand sanitizer to remove the deep down ink and oils that build up. 

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