Saturday, November 23, 2013


Travelling on a familiar path is comforting for most folk. Myself included! Creatively I tend to stick to a similar format on most of my projects. I guess one could call it a 'style'. Lately I've been yearning for more creative input and outlet. Getting ones 'tank filled up' is necessary and usually it means you need to step off the beaten path and venture down an unknown one. 

I've started taking 'Art Journalling' classes at a not so local scrapbook store (45 minutes each way is not local in my estimation lol) and find that I am stepping off my trusted and true path, journeying in unfamiliar terrain. A place where rigidity and rules don't the bottom of a gesso bottom or the end of a paint brush. 

The most recent class was fun shared with a friend (Kristine the enabler!) and hopefully new friends (if I didn't annoy them too much that and I wanted to share with you step by step how it went. 

Our first page involved BLACK GESSO, texture with drywall tape of all things as well as black embossing paste. But first we 'washed' our pages with black gesso. We also put it on our diecut grass pieces (shown at the top of the pages) 

While we were waiting for our gesso'ed pages to dry (and it didn't really take that long) we crumpled, inked and distressed our poem as well as cut out or tore circles that would be used for our next pages. 

                                    The next step was to start adding our components such as the poppies and grass. This is where it gets a little hard for me - I wanted my poppies to be just perfect, so it's necessary to just push myself forward and make 'artsy blobs' in hopes it will all work out. Art is not for prissies! LOL 

We quickly adhered the poem with a 'gel wash' - it dries really fast so you need to be sure it is where you want it to be. The next step was adding in the drywall mesh tape and sticking on a layer of black embossing paste for texture. 

Almost done! A little paint splatter and rings added with the lid of the gesso jar (tricks o' the trade my friends)

And the final touches included outlining the poppies a bit with a white gel pen and adding some journalling - just my thoughts as I created the page. I'm happy with this creation. 

This was our second page which by the time we started I totally forgot to take a step by step photo. Lot's of paint, layering and words added in an abstract manner. 

The path tonight was 'layered' with many new avenues of creativity, lead expertly by Leanne at Cherrylane Scrapbook Shoppe. I am anxiously awaiting our next journey into the land of art journalling! 

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