Monday, November 11, 2013

Stenciling with Artbooking and more

1. First endevour

They (still would like to know who exactly 'they' are lol) say that necessity is the mother of invention - and sometimes a well placed word or two by people more creative than I. Recently I've become enamoured of art journals. I've always loved the style and look of them not to mention what I feel is the ability to think outside of ones creative box. And yet silly me has been scared to try this medium for fear of 'messing up'. Little did I realize that messing up is one of the key's to this form of art! While I've played with ink for a number of years now, using it and other mediums such as paints, gesso and gels has always been something I've steered clear of. 

A few months ago I bit the bullet and signed up for an art journalling class at a NSLSS - not so local scrapbook store. I had such a BLAST that evening - jumping as far out of my creative box as I could and this was the result. 

1. Layers and layers of ink, embossing paste, more ink, and stains all puncuated by drying and blending, stenciling,  adorn this page. I LOVE IT - the colors speak to my creative soul and over all it is as far away from my usual style as could be. 

Now for the dilemma! As any devout papercrafting junkie knows when you get 'into' something it requires untold amounts of new tools and supplies. I stocked up on some stains, paints, brushes and sponges and even a few new spray inks and stencils. But you know what? Those stencils are pricey! So I decided I was going to buy some 'blank' stencil material and HANDCUT some of my own stencils.

This is where the 'key words from those with creative minds on a higher plain than mine come in - a friend asked if I was using the Cricut to make them! THE CRICUT!!!! Why on earth had I not thought of that (oh did I mention those minds are geared toward higher creative thinking LOL)? Of course the CRICUT - and better yet..... why not with some of my favorite cartridges, Art Philosophy, Artiste and Artbooking from CTMH! The Artbooking cartridge in particular has bazillions (okay maybe a few dozen) overlays which would make devine stencils. ACK - BRILLIANT!

But..... was there something cheaper than blank stencil sheets to use? Put on your thinking cap pammie..... yes yes there is! And here is where my lightbulb moment came through. For some of you this may be old news using the Cricut to cut stencils and maybe even older news to use the product I thought to try....some of us take longer to catch on  - what can I say! LOL

So here goes!

I went to my Staples and searched out those dividers that all school lists say the kids need but they never end up using, in their binders ---> Page dividers!

These ones are very thin which I thought would work well with a standard blade in my Cricut. I also bought some thicker ones which I've yet to try but even having to double cut them with a standard blade should work. 

Remove the tab so it doesn't interfere with the placement on mat.

Place on mat as you would a piece of cardstock, lining up edges.

I set my pressure on 'maximum' and chose my pattern cutting it out at 8" on the real size option. I kept the speed on high.

From the 8.5 x 11 page divider I was able to get two stencils using the overlays on the Artbooking Cricut cartridge.

 Here is just a test drive of how my stencils turned out. AWESOME! Needless to say I will be creating more in a variety of patterns. Stay tuned for artwork using these stencils and more 

- and remember ALWAYS think outside your box - or make friends that do! 

DOUBLE CUT at 5" on stencil material (needs to be cleaned up but removing some of the pieces)
I hope that sharing this lightbulb moment will encourage you to think outside the box too! 
THANKS FOR sticking to the end! Here are two more pages created at a followup class. Absolutely too much fun! 

P.S I love to see comments and ideas so please take a minute to share! 


Paige Dolecki said...

Pam -

Okay, totally brilliant on the stencils and your art journal pages are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!


Laurie Jefferies said...

Beautiful Pam! I love the idea of using our Artbooking cartridge and binder dividers! Here is a link to a friend's blog who loves creating altered journals if you are interested.

Nancy Ball said...

Great pics, Pam. I haven't dipped my toe in this pond yet, because frankly I don't really like this kind of creative mess! You can cut those overheads we were using for scrapbooking and I've even kept and cut the packaging from thin dies. I also use all of these things in my Bigshot. I am pretty sure we could find something in every room in our house to "create" artwork with. You go Girl!

Stampin n da Hood said...


Linda Pekrul said...

I LOVE your art journal pages! That is something I'd like to start doing. It seems very freeing. When the artbooking cartridge came out, I knew I'd like to try making stencils with it. You have saved me a lot of experimentation...I will go straight to the page dividers. Thank you so much!

Betsy Lewis Gully said...

Brilliant! I have a ton of old clear sheets for use on overhead projectors. I may try those. I think they won't be as good since they are clear and not colored, but I want to use what I have. You Rock Pammie Whammie!!!

Pam Klassen said...

Thanks Ladies - I have so much fun at these classes that one of my downline and friend Kristine Ponte also attends with her daughter. It is VERY FREE-ing to just 'do it' rather than think about everything. It can definitely get messy and sometimes when I'm pouncing, spraying, spreading, misting on ink and other mediums I'm holding my breath hoping it isn't just a muddle of colors.

As for the stencil using the Cricut idea - I never even thought about it until Kristine asked if that was what I was of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments for sure! LOL

So off with you all - go create.... and thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment.

Nancy said...

WOW Pam, what fabulous artwork.

canadian_liner said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my "felling blue" post. AWESOME idea of using page dividers in the Cricut for DIY stencils. So glad I followed you back to your blog! You'll be seeing some more experimenting back at Caroline's Creations...