Monday, September 7, 2015

A little of this and that

Hello all 
WOW it's hard to believe that school starts again tomorrow and my baby is going into Grade 12 - when those little old ladies tell you when your kids are toddlers and you're about ready to pull out your last strand of hair - to "enjoy them while they're little because the time sure flies" -----> THEY WEREN'T kidding!  


My Riley is 17 1/2, towers over me now (well has done for a while but I was in denial lol), but still hugs me every day and tells me he loves me! We've struck it real lucky in that both our boys have given us minimal trouble as teenagers (fingers crossed this one doesn't start any antics now lol) and it's a joy to have them around. 

Reflecting back on the past 12 years of school with Riley it's been a struggle in many aspects but fun to see him develop and gain confidence within his community of friends. He may not like the basics of school but he's like myself in the social game :) (I always found that part of school most interesting anyway but shhhhhh don't tell him!)

Here's hoping this last year of public school will be a great one for Riley! Stay tuned for the obligatory 'first day of school photo' 

Time to get scrapping some of these photos into pages for his album! Above is our "Childhood" Picture My Life set (only partially shown) - one of the basics I'll use for adding in some school pages. It would also be very fun for those kindies starting out to do an ABC book - lots of ideas to use this set for! 

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